How to cancel your subscription How to cancel your subscription

How to cancel your subscription

Olivia Friedlander Olivia Friedlander


Your active and past subscriptions can be viewed in your profile. To access your profile, please log in with the account originally used to purchase your subscription.  Once you are logged in, follow these steps:

  1. Click on your user name in the top right of the page 
  2. Under Subscriptions, click Manage next to the desired subscription 
  3. To cancel, click Cancel Subscription 
  4. A confirmation modal will appear, click Yes to complete the cancellation 

Your subscription will cancel at the end of the current billing cycle, which will be reflected on this page.  For example, if your subscription renewed on 01/05/2021 and you cancel it on 01/10/2021, the cancellation will take effect on 2/05/2021.  You will continue to have access to the subscription until the cancellation date. 

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