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What time is the show?

The show begins at 8pm ET, Friday May 21st.

Explore the pre-show 3 hours in advance (5pm ET)
I bought a ticket, now what?
Come back to our Control Room as often as you want - it will be continually updating from now until May 21st. Make sure you check in to see what new surprises await. To log in, use the same login information you used to buy the ticket. If you’re not sure, check your email for your receipt. You do not need an access code. If you need ticketing specific support, please contact
I have a question about merchandise. Who do I contact?
For all merchandise or music purchase related inquiries, please contact Shopify Store customer service at
Where is the livestream happening?
The livestream will be happening here at Log in with the email you used to buy your ticket. You’ll automatically “enter the experience” at 5pm ET and the show starts at 8pm ET on May 21st. The show is viewable on an internet browser (Firefox, Safari or Chrome) via mobile, tablet or computer.
How do I sign in to the livestream? Do I need an access code?
If you’ve purchased a ticket, click the three dot menu on the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Click “Log in” to access the virtual environment by entering the email address and password you used to create an account for the site. YOU DO NOT NEED AN ACCESS CODE.
What’s the BEST way to watch?
The show is available via web browser here at You can also access via mobile browser.

If you are watching with friends, you can always connect with a TV (for instance via screen share, HDMI or AirPlay); however, you will need to interact on the computer or tablet that’s controlling/sending the feed.

For the best experience, test your connection speed: Open your internet browser and visit to check your connection speed. You’ll want to use either a cellular data or WiFi connection that registers a speed of at least 30 Mbps. (Note: Remember to test the internet speed in the same location as you will be live-streaming the show.)

STREAMING TO YOUR TV: You can also set up the stream to your TV using a screen mirroring tool (e.g. Apple TV, Chromecast) or a good old-fashioned HDMI cable. (Note: Amazon Fire recently updated their software and may not be compatible with this livestream.)
Can I access this on my Roku, Fire TV, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, etc.?
Unfortunately, the show can only be accessed via an internet browser on a tablet, laptop or phone.
When should I arrive for the show?
The pre-show will start 3 hours in advance.
How do I buy access?
You must purchase a ticket to the livestream via A single ticket allows you to access the experience for only $20 on a single device.
What is the refund policy for tickets?
All ticket sales are final. There will be no refunds, exchanges, or name transfers.
If I refresh the page, will I be kicked out of the livestream forever?
No, you will not be kicked out of the stream. Refresh all you want.
Can I record the event?
Audio or video recording on your own device is strictly prohibited.
For any Ticketing or Technical questions please go to